“The essence of communication is understanding what people say.”

Maria Abramson, Doctor of Audiology

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My Story

I was a speech and language pathology major at Northwestern University in Evanston IL . I chose this field because I love people and I love talking to people and to help them communicate better. To gain experience, I volunteered my time during college at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC). The audiologist there had double degrees in both audiology and speech/language pathology. She told me that I didn’t want to be a speech pathologist, I was meant to be an audiologist. Consequently, I volunteered in the audiology department helping get the patients in the sound booth, giving them instructions and making them feel comfortable. The patients at RIC were all brain or spinal cord injured, so placing them at ease and ensuring they knew what to do was not always as simple as it sounds.  I finished my major in speech and language pathology but took as many courses as I could in audiology during my undergraduate education.


I fell in love with audiology because it was like speech/language pathology in that you could help people communicate. But, even better, the patient’s success was more in my control as I was able to prescribe and fit hearing aids. I was able to use my knowledge to fit a product which could provide immediate relief.  In speech and language pathology, the improvement is gradual and drawn out over a long time span. I so much enjoyed assessing the patient, and prescribing the most appropriate technologically advanced hearing aids I could. The patients could be helped now! (hence, Hear Now) The mix of technology, people and communication makes this the most fun job in the whole world. Similar, but better than speech and language pathology, I have a relationship with my patients for their life time and we have great camaraderie. Who wouldn’t like seeing all their friends a couple of times a year? That’s why I have the best job in the whole world.

I did my master’s thesis in children’s speech perception at the University of Washington in Seattle. This fits perfectly with hearing aid fitting because we fit hearing aids to have people hear speech better.  It is fundamental to know how we perceive speech, so that we can help this process.  In 1978, I was a graduate assistant teaching monkeys how to discrimination speech sounds. It was a desirous job, but I am mostly a cat and dog person, so monkeys were a bit of a stretch for me. I can tell you that if a monkey can discriminate speech (and they can) surely we can get people to do this too!!

Audiology has changed over the years and a doctorate degree is now the entry level degree. I obtained my clinical doctorate in audiology in 2006. This was a great experience to refresh myself with the vigor of academic discipline while still maintaining my practice. I wrote the Basic Auditory Training Program designed to help the brain interpret sound. It is my lifelong job to keep on top of the latest advances in both research and products so that I can best help my patients. So, while my formal schooling is now done, it continues to be exciting to maintain the best in quality patient care and service. Come see me. I’d love to be of service to you.


Maria Abramson



Dr. Maria Abramson began practicing Audiology in 1979. If you know someone who has difficulty hearing well, she can help. She provides a full range of audiologic services throughout Orange County, CA.

Holli has worked at Hear Now since 2007.  She specializes in customer care and insurance billing.  Holli has  standardized office and filing procedures for Hear Now.

Angela has worked at Hear Now since 2013.  She specializes in providing the best possible customer service, a skill she learned with years of experience in the hospitality industry.

Doctor of Audiology

Front Desk Manager

Front Desk Manager

 Dr. Maria Abramson



   Doctor of Audiology, AT Still University, School of Health Sciences, 2006


    Masters of Science in Audiology,  University of Washington, 1979


    Bachelors of Science in Speech and Language pathology, Northwestern University, 1977


    Practicing Audiology in Southern California since 1979


    Maria Abramson, Au.D., CCC-A is a Fellow for the American Academy of Audiologists



Welcome!  Hear Now is dedicated to helping you or your child improve their hearing and speech understanding


Dr. Maria Abramson has 30 years experience with both adults and children.


•  Pediatric experience working with most school districts in Orange County, California.


•  Received an award from the California Speech and hearing Association regarding excellence in pediatric hearing aid fitting.


•  She is author of the diagnostic and therapeutic Basic Auditory Training Program.


•  Experience helping those who have cochlear implants, or are considering them.


•  Fits hearing aids for adults and children with a near 0% return rate. This means the patients that she fits with hearing aids keep them.


•  Helps those  who have auditory processing problems.


•  She is regarded as an expert by the State of California in auditory processing and is routinely requested to be an expert witness in audiology, auditory processing and diagnostic assessments.


•  She teaches post-graduate courses in Audiology at Chapman University in Orange California.


•  She is on staff at several hospitals with extensive experience in hearing assessments for adults.

Common Symptoms of Hearing Loss

What should I do if I suspect that a loved one has a hearing loss?

Hearing loss ranges from mild to profound.  Dr. Abramson has the extensive experience which works to your advantage. Patients feel comfortable with Dr. Abramson's experience and skills. Dr. Abramson can evaluate hearing loss throughout the range of audible frequencies and relate any loss to speech and other normal sounds.

For Children


    Accurate hearing tests are possible at any age.  Hearing screening for newborn babies is required by law.


    Identifying and treating a hearing loss at an early age will improve the child's ability to learn normal speech skills.


    Sign up for hearing and speech screening tests conducted at  your child's school or pre-school; Call us to find out which schools have our services.


    Schedule a Pediatric Audiologic Evaluation from Dr. Abramson who sees over 1000 preschoolers a year!  Contact us now.

For Adults


    Hearing loss usually creeps in over time making it hard to notice.


    Schedule an Audiologic Evaluation from a licensed Audiologist who has tested over  10, 000 adults!

    Research has shown that hearing aid owners report an improvement in their quality of life




    Muffled quality of speech and other sounds

    Difficulty understanding words, especially against background noise or in a crowd

    Asking others to speak more slowly, clearly and loudly

    Needing to turn up the volume of the television or radio

    Avoidance of some social settings

    Missing common sounds like the phone or a doorbell




    Conversations in busy restaurants can become difficult

    Talking on the phone can be annoying

    One begins to withdraw from conversations

    Speech can be delayed for a child


Reading and Writing


    Poor School Performance


Dr. William F. House, inventor of the cochlear implant,  personally recommended Maria Abramson in 1991 to launch her private practice.

“These Twitters, as I like to affectionately call my new best friends, literally changed my life. And that is no exaggeration.  Having unwittingly spent much of my life operating “on braille”, I was once behind the conversation and missing badly on the uptake. Now I’m ahead of almost everyone as I can hear and use the subliminal signs in everyday communication."

“They not only look good, but they work.   Without my hearing aids, I cannot hear in a large meeting, but with them, I can, because I have excellent perception.  If anyone working with Maria would like to ask me any questions, I am more than happy to discuss my solution.”

Bob Bein


Tim Bridge

“We were lucky to find Dr. Abramson when Elizabeth was fitted for her hearing aids at 2.", says Elizabeth's Mom.  "Dr. Abramson made the process smooth as silk and made the family feel confident and at ease. She has a unique ability to make doctor visits a real joy for kids...and for parents too."

"Elizabeth wears her 'ear buds' (her name for her hearing aids) all day-every day. She is doing all the things a five year old should be doing-and more. She is excelling at preschool and reading up a storm, she plays tennis, takes dance class, and is now excited about getting waterproof ear buds so she can take swimming lessons this summer."   Elizabeth says, “I love Dr. Maria. She is my best friend.”

“I love my hearing aids because I can hear.  It feels like I have nothing in my ears.  I can play soccer, baseball, and basketball without missing a step.” Note: Martin has two sets of hearing aids, one for school and one for water sports and athletic activities. He is mainstreamed in regular education and getting A's and B's. Maria also fitted him with an FM system for school.

Martin Dymon


Elizabeth Watenberg


“My daughter (a speech/language pathologist) didn't notice my hearing aid in my ear.  I wear it from the time I get up in the morning to when I go to bed at night. It doesn’t bother me at all.  I am amazed.  The reason I put off getting a hearing aid is because I thought it would be a bother.  It isn't at all.  I hear things that I haven't heard before and now I know how muted things were.”

Julie Armin


“I tried other hearing aids before coming to Hear Now.  They were expensive and I couldn't even wear them a year. I love the hearing aids Maria selected for me. My family loves them too.  For the first time, I can hear my grand kids talking in the back seat in the car. Now I can just sit back and hear the news, and the stock market programs as well as anybody can.  I use all three programs in my hearing aids: program one for everyday, program two in the car with the kids and program three for TV and movies.  They're comfortable. They're like a part of me.”

Jody Wilson

CEO, RBF Consulting

"I would never have gotten to where I am today were it not for this wonderful Doctor’s professionalism and sincerely happy demeanor. Always a joy to visit, I know that I will walk away on each occasion one step closer to the incredible sounds that surround us."




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