Bob Bein
“They not only look good, but they work. Without my hearing aids, I cannot hear in a large meeting, but with them, I can, because I have excellent perception. If anyone working with Maria would like to ask me any questions, I am more than happy to discuss my solution.
Bob Bein, CEO RBF Consulting
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“We were lucky to find Dr. Abramson when Elizabeth was fitted for her hearing aids at 2.”, says Elizabeth’s Mom. “Dr. Abramson made the process smooth as silk and made the family feel confident and at ease. She has a unique ability to make doctor visits a real joy for kids…and for parents too.” “Elizabeth wears her ‘ear buds’ (her name for her hearing aids) all day-every day. She is doing all the things a five year old should be doing-and more. She is excelling at preschool and reading up a storm, she plays tennis, takes dance class, and is now excited about getting waterproof ear buds so she can take swimming lessons this summer.” Elizabeth says, “I love Dr. Maria. She is my best friend.”
Elizabeth Watenberg Happy Patient
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“I tried other hearing aids before coming to Hear Now.  They were expensive and I couldn’t even wear them a year. I love the hearing aids Maria selected for me. My family loves them too.  For the first time, I can hear my grand kids talking in the back seat in the car. Now I can just sit back and hear the news, and the stock market programs as well as anybody can.  I use all three programs in my hearing aids: program one for everyday, program two in the car with the kids and program three for TV and movies.  They’re comfortable. They’re like a part of me.”

Jody Wilson Happy Patient
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My daughter (a speech/language pathologist) didn’t notice my hearing aid in my ear.  I wear it from the time I get up in the morning to when I go to bed at night. It doesn’t bother me at all.  I am amazed.  The reason I put off getting a hearing aid is because I thought it would be a bother.  It isn’t at all.  I hear things that I haven’t heard before and now I know how muted things were.”

Julie Armin Happy Patient
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I love my hearing aids because I can hear.  It feels like I have nothing in my ears.  I can play soccer, baseball, and basketball without missing a step.” Note: Martin has two sets of hearing aids, one for school and one for water sports and athletic activities. He is mainstreamed in regular education and getting A’s and B’s. Maria also fitted him with an FM system for school.

Martin Dymon Happy Patient
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I just wanted to let you know what an impact the ARIA therapy has made on Lexi’s life. The therapy not only has helped her in school, but has boosted her confidence & made her less shy & anxious & an overall happier kid. She is so happy to go to school every day & her teacher has commented on how well she is doing this year. Lexi has the same teacher this year for 2nd grade that she had last year for 1st grade so she is very aware of Lexi’s struggles. This is a comment from her teacher; “Oh my goodness! Lexi is launching into second grade. She has confidence, smiles and academic success each day. You and your husband have given her just what she needed at just the right time with the Johnson Academy. I am so impressed with her! I am looking forward to Lexi having the best second grade year ever! I am so excited to be a part of Lexi’s rewarding educational journey.” There is no doubt in my mind that the ARIA therapy has placed a huge part in that success (along with Johnson Academy & Speech Therapy).
April Provence Happy Patient