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An accurate assessment is the essential first step in helping you hear better.  Serving Orange County, California, call Hear Now at 949-495-3327 to schedule your hearing evaluation appointment today.

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Auditory processing difficulties can be experienced by anyone.  Common symptoms include;

– being able to “hear, but does not understand”,

– having difficulty reading,

– frequently needing directions to be repeated, and

– having difficulty remembering what was said.

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A wide selection of conventional, and digital hearing aids are available from Hear Now.  Dr. Abramson says “It’s important to match the needs of the patient to the technologies available.  Determining what the patient wants and needs to improve their hearing is my highest priority.”  This is why Hear Now offers hearing aids from nearly every major manufacturer.

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In addition to serving on the Children Hospital of Orange County’s Orofacial panel, Maria is on-staff at many Orange County hospitals, including; Mission Hospital, Fountain Valley Medical Hospital, Western Medical, and Coastal Community Hospital.

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Maria Abramson, Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA has extensive experience with pediatric and school age children.  She has provided Audiologic consulting services to public and private schools since 1982.  Current public school district clients include:

•  Capistrano Unified School District

•  Corona-Norco Unified School District

•  Greater Anaheim SELPA

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