Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)

Symptoms of CAPD

Auditory processing difficulties can be experienced by anyone.  Common symptoms include;

  • being able to “hear, but does not understand”,
  • having difficulty reading,
  • frequently needing directions to be repeated, and
  • having difficulty remembering what was said.
  • Remediation Resistant: the child is not making progress commensurate with their ability and the therapy they are receiving. The child is trying and therapist is good, yet the progress you would expect is not there.
  • Difficulty hearing in quiet, saying , What?

These symptoms can occur with or without hearing loss.  A thorough examination by an audiologist experienced in CAPD is required to diagnose an auditory processing disorder.  There are effective treatments for Auditory Processing Disorders including Basic Auditory Training (BAT) and dichotic listening. Contact Dr. Maria Abramson today by calling 949-495-3327 to schedule an appointment.

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